Adult ADHD North West is a regional independent health care provider, specialising in the assessment and treatment of adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the North West of UK and beyond. We have the passion and capability to provide the best available, flexible and outreaching specialist ADHD service for adults.

ADHD North West is lead by Consultant Psychiatrists Dr Joe Johnson and Dr Aung Tint, both of whom have extensive training and experience in working and leading adult ADHD services in the NHS and the private sector for over nine years. (See the 'PROFILE' section for more information on our specialists)

There is an increasing need for adult ADHD services due to increased awareness and shortage of specialist services for this treatable disorder. We offer assessment, treatment, follow up reviews, reports and consultation for patients with ADHD aged 16 and above. we offer our services to GPs, NHS trusts, CCGs, private health care organizations, insurance companies, prisons, individual self funding clients and other agencies.