How do I arrange an ADHD assessment?

We ask that you ensure that your GP is happy to make a referral for an assessment. Once your GP has confirmed that they will make the referral an assessment can be arranged as follows:

Dr Joe Johnson

Please contact Lisa Ellison, medical secretary, preferably by Email - or leave a message on 07504848540

Dr Aung Tint

Please contact Rachel McCarthy, medical secretary, Email - or Telephone: 07902511675

We recommend that you discuss with your GP whether or not they would be willing to prescribe ADHD medication for you, if this is recommended following your assessment; as this will determine how many follow up appointments you require.

What do I need to bring with me to the assessment?

Please bring a copy of your GP referral letter to your initial assessment, unless this has been emailed to us prior to the appointment. At the time of arranging your appointment you will also be sent a background information questionnaire and some ADHD rating scales, which should be completed prior to the assessment and brought with you.

We request that you bring someone who knows you well to your assessment, if possible. This may be a family member or a friend. As part of the assessment will involve gathering information about your younger years, many people find it helpful to bring a parent.

If you have copies of school reports or work appraisals, do bring them to the assessment as these can also provide valuable additional information.

What can I expect from an ADHD assessment?

An initial assessment will take approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. Often it is possible to reach a decision about whether or not you have ADHD at this first appointment, but occasionally it may be necessary to have a second appointment to complete the assessment. If a second appointment is required, there will be no additional charge for this.

What happens if I am given a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

If a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD is made, then medication options will be discussed if this is something that you would like to consider. Your GP may be willing to prescribe medication according to a recommended treatment plan. In this case, you may not need many follow-up appointments with Adult ADHD North West.

Most GPs are willing to take over prescribing of ADHD medications, once the dose has been stabilised, under a Shared Care Protocol. In this situation, you may require only a few follow up appointments with Adult ADHD NorthWest to ensure that you are on the correct medication, at the correct dose. Your ADHD medication will be prescribed as a private prescription until your GP is able to take over prescribing. Once stabilised, you will require a follow up appointment at least once a year either with Adult ADHD NorthWest or your local NHS ADHD service.

Some GPs will not prescribe ADHD medication at all. In this situation you will need to attend follow up appointments with Adult ADHD NorthWest whilst your dose of medication is stabilised. Once we find the right medication at the right dose for you then you will only need to attend for a follow up appointment with Adult ADHD NorthWest every 6 months so that your weight, pulse and blood pressure can be monitored in line with national guidance. Private prescriptions will be issued by Adult ADHD NorthWest. Please note there is a fee for issue of private prescriptions.

What happens after the assessment?

Once the assessment is completed, a copy of the report will be sent to your GP, usually within 2 weeks. If you would like to also receive a copy of the report, this can be emailed or posted out to your home address.

If a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD is confirmed, then we will also recommend that your GP refers you to your local NHS ADHD service, if this has not already been done.