Assessment process

Our consultants will complete assessments at pre-arranged outpatient appointments. A full initial assessment will consist of a general mental health assessment and a detailed evaluation of ADHD symptoms (including using standardised rating scales). Following the assessment, a detailed report will be forwarded to the patient’s GP.

Patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to the appointment, who can provide valuable childhood and background history. Patients are also encouraged to bring any additional information such as school reports/employment reports, if available.


If an ADHD diagnosis is confirmed, then treatment options will be discussed and finalised in consultation with the patient. It is very likely that treatment will reduce symptoms/ impairment and improve the person’s quality of life.


Medication is recommended on the basis of guidelines set out by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). People with ADHD taking such treatments often report feeling calmer, more focused with reduced symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which consequently reduces the degree of impairment in functioning in various aspects of life including employment and relationships. Other benefits include greater mood stability and improved self confidence.

Before starting any medication a review of significant physical, personal and family history will be undertaken, and baseline physical health checks, such as blood pressure, heart rate and weight are completed. If it is agreed to start medication, then a plan will be formulated and communicated with the patient’s GP. Reviews of medication will take place usually using a combination of face to face and telephone consultations. It usually takes 6-12 weeks to reach a stable maintenance dose of medication.

Psychological therapy and other approaches

Specific psychological therapies, such as CBT can be useful particularly for other mental health difficulties, and advice about to how to access such treatments will be provided.

Assessment categories

New assessment for ADHD (no previous diagnosis)

Including face to face consultation (about 2 hours), review of medical records, obtaining relevant history from other sources, as appropriate, and preparation of a full report.

Re-assessment (for patients with a previous diagnosis of ADHD)

This assessment will take less time if a previous comprehensive diagnostic assessment has been completed.

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments would be a combination of

Face to face appointments

and/or Telephone consultations